Purple Mountain Minis Goats for Sale
Purple Mountain Minis Goats for Sale
Purple Mountain Minis
Purple Mountain Minis


Purple Mountain Minis has doelings, bucklings, wethers, and a few crossbred minis for sale each spring or summer.  I apologize for the state of my website, but life moves pretty fast; if you don't stop and look around, you might miss it!  I'm a busy homeschool mom running a goat business on the side while designing and building our dream home over the last decade.  We squeeze a lot of life into this little farm and our goats sell so fast, I often don't have time to get them online.  You can always send me an email to see what we have available.  Kids are usually available May-August.  ginnyt@purplemountainminis.com

*Dry Yearling*  Purple Mtn Minis LB MiNT Patty

Purple Mtn Minis Latte x Lil Forest Rascals Blue Buddy


$450.  Doeling dry yearling.  Ready to breed this fall.  Flashy buckskin with lots of white.  Blue eyes.


Her dam, Latte, had triplets with no assistance on her first and second freshenings. Her udder is the biggest first freshening udder we have ever had! Looking forward to seeing what she produces in the milk pail this year.


Lil Forest Rascals Tansy x Lil Forest Rascals Blue Buddy


$450  Buckskin doeling, blue eyes.

Nice legs and rump on this girl.  Expect to see plenty of milk from her just like all of Tansy's girls.  Tansy has an 86 on Linear Appraisal. This is one we retained last year, but I just have to downsize my herd a bit this year.  She is ready to breed this fall.





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Southlake June Bug x Prairie Wood Maximilian Blue *B


Retained.  Polled Buckskin doeling.  Outstanding pedigree.  Blue eyes.


Less than a week old in this photo.  Will take an updated photo in a few weeks.  She's got milking in her genes.  Was going to retain this one, but retained her full brother instead.  June Bug's first freshening and she had triplets with no problem.  Sire and Dam both have moonspots.  Will need to check her over more closely to see if she has any small ones.

Purple Mtn Minis PWM Sven

Southlake June Bug x Prairie Wood Maximillian Blue*B

Polled Buckling, $450 Retained--our first buck.


Chocolate, Swiss marked.   He is less than a week old in this photo.  Amazing genetics on both sides.  We are excited to be keeping our first buck!!  Lil Forest Rascals will be housing him after he is weaned until we get a full size barn built for our does and buck-proof fencing put up for him.  Guess we'll be keeping either another buck next year or a wether to keep him company!


Elmwood Lavender's Holly x Lil Forest Rascals Charming


Retained.  Polled cream doeling.  Blue eyes.

Holly had a single large kid this year.  She didn't want to cooperate for pictures this day even though she is our friendliest kid, always wants to snuggle.

Nibbles  $300 SOLD to continue milking for her new family!


This girl has produced most of our dairy for us as we have been working on Nigerian Dwarf lines.  She is 50% Lamancha, 25% Saanen, and 25% Mamm-Key Alpine.  Her registered ancestors have really given her an advantage in the pail!  She milks 3/4 gallon on once a day milking and up to 1.5 gallons a day on twice a day milking.  Milk is sweet with no odd goat flavors.  Love her little lamancha ears and her sweet temperament.

Ears -- $100  SOLD to a wonderful pack goat home.


This girl is four years old and has never been able to be bred by the Nigerian Dwarf bucks we use.  She is just a little too tall.  She is 50% Lamancha, 25% Saanen, 25% Mamm-Key Alpine.  She came from great registered stock and would likely produce as well as Nibbles.  Time for her to get a chance at being bred by someone her own size!

Elmwood FRL Hyacinth -- $100 Sold to her forever home!


This girl is going on 6 years old and we would like to retire her to a wonderful pet home.  If I had to pick just one of my goats to be with little kids, this would be the one.  Quiet and sweet are how I would describe her.  She would just love to go on walks with her people and get scratched on the chin.  She was not a large producer, but did milk a respectable 2.5 cups on once a day milking her first freshening.  Nice and easy milker with large orifices and very creamy milk.

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