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Purple Mountain Minis Goats for Sale
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Four adorable puppies were born February 3, 2018.  We got ALL boys this time and our first red merles!  They will be ready for forever homes around April 7.  Our puppies are hand raised in our home to ensure they receive lots of attention, love, and socializing.  They will have been handled a lot by children and adults of all ages, used to be around two house cats, and of course with their mom and dad.  Our dogs are registered with the American Stock Dog Registry (ASDR).  Puppies can be transferred to the registry of your choice including National Stock Dog Registry (NSDR) or American Kennel Club (AKC) as Miniature American Shepherds.  Keep in mind that ASDR will require you to give up your ASDR registry if you decide to register as AKC.  $200 non-refundable deposit required to reserve a puppy. 

Dam -- Sacks Pacific Kya Blue

Blue merle with bright copper points, full mask and partial white collar, red factor.  Kya doesn't realize she is small.  Full aussie with strong herding type.  Loves agility and will climb anywhere with us and will endlessly retrieve balled up socks which are her favorite!  She is our shadow dog always available for endless snuggles.  ASDR registered.  Genetic testing: MDR1 Normal/Normal

Sire -- Jingle All the Way

Black Tri Color with red factor.  Because Jingle and Kya are both red factored we can get lots of colors of aussie pups including black tri, blue merle, red tri, and red merle.  Jingle only likes to herd Kya, otherwise his herding instinct is fairly low and he is a big play baby!  Jingle's coat turned out to be long, but bred with Kya they turn out beautiful puppies with corect medium coats. Jingle is dual-registered with National Stock Dog Registry (NSDR) and American Stock Dog Registry (ASDR)..  Genetic testing: MDR1 Normal/Carrier


Male Red Merle.  Right eye blue, left eye amber.  One brown ear, one merle ear.


Male Blue Merle.  Left blue eye with small amount of brown marble, left eye brown.  Possibility of red factor due to sire and dam both being red factor.  Nice strong features.


Male red merle.  Right blue eye, left eye amber, possibly blue flecks.  Fun, Racoon stripes across eyes.


Male black tri color.  Copper points are already nice and bright.  Brown eyes.  Smallest one in the litter and oh so cute!  Very relaxed puppy. 


Copper was our first dog and our introduction to Australian Shepherds.  He is the best dog ever and knows lots of tricks.  He always has a word of greeting when we get home. He is an amazing dog and sired two of his own standard Aussie litters before we switched to toy size.  Our son Jordan was only about 7 when he began training Copper in a class for kids on the autistic spectrum and we credit this amazing dog in large part for helping Jordan's recovery from Asperger's Syndrome.

Past Puppies

If you would like to register your puppy with AKC instead of ASDR, you must first register with ASDR then fill out this form to register with AKC.  ASDR does not allow dual registration with AKC, so your ASDR registration will no longer be valid.  Choice of registry is really up to you as the owner.  Factors to consider may be which hosts shows in your area and personal preference.  National Stock Dog Registry is also an option.  There have been many changes in registration of miniature Australian Shepherds in recent years.  Read more about it online and then make your choice.

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