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We occasionally have Toy Australian Puppies for sale.  These are our dear family pets and we only have 1 litter every couple of years.



We raise ADGA registered Nigerian Dwarf goats that excel on the milk stand.  We breed for very dairy character and lots of milk.  We expect our does to milk 1 quart a day minimum on once a day milking.  Twice a day milking will be a total of 6-12 cups a day.  That's more than a half gallon a day from one little goat!  Nigerian Dwarf goat milk is high in butterfat and excellent for making cheese, yogurt, soap, and lotions.  You can make rich creamy ice cream or creme brulee.  Of course, it's also great for a bowl of cereal or in your latte!  Nigerian Dwarf goats are easy to keep (no jumping the fence) and fun for all ages.


In addition, we love their sweet temperament and easy handling.  Nothing beats watching baby goat kids in the spring for entertainment!


Books for beginners:


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Raising Goats for Dummies



LocaTED in Black Forest, CO 80908  Contact us at 719-502-1594.

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