Purple Mountain Minis Goats for Sale
Purple Mountain Minis Goats for Sale
Purple Mountain Minis
Purple Mountain Minis

Senior & Junior Does

Purple Mountain Minis does are all registered with ADGA (American Dairy Goat Association) and can be registered with AGS or ANNDA.  We use Lil Forest Rascals for buck service.


AGS Lil Forest Rascals Tansy -- Tansy is for sale in milk this year (2017)!  Will be for sale next year after kidding.  Oh, this one is bittersweet.  We love Tansy and her milk is amazing in quantity and quality.  She was our foundation doe and has been shown in many 4-H shows.  Trained to the milk stand.  I might change my mind on this one.  She has been great for doing milking demos! $400.  See changed my mind already...keeping Tansy for at least one more season, but her daughter Cocoa is for sale; see below.


Tansy was our first Nigerian Dwarf and will always be special to us.  And boy can this girl milk...she produces a quart and a half on once a day milking.  She has given up to 3/4 gallon on twice a day milking.

Purple Mtn Minis Chai                Holly x Buddy


Chai is Holly's first daughter and it looks like we have some improvements (though Holly was already our highest appraised doe) with a stronger medial suspensory ligament.  She is performing quite well for a first freshener filling the quart jar with once a day milking.  Her let down and orifices are a dream to milk; super speedy!

Purple Mtn Minis Mocha             Holly x Buddy


Will consider sale of Mocha with her doeling, Frappucino.  See For Sale Page.


Purple Mtn Minis Latte               Cocoa x Maverick


Southlake June Bug


Wow, what a Christmas gift!  We are excited to breed this girl in 2016.  Looking forward to lots more moon spots, plus she is naturally polled.  She has great length in her body and a nice topline and rear legs.

Junior DOES

Purple Mtn Minis Cupcake


Purple Mtn Minis Chai x Lil Forest Rascals Charming

Purple Mtn Minis Truffle

Purple Mtn Minis Sprinkles

Special Goats



She will always have a special place in our hearts as the fainting goat that started it all.  She used to fall over whenever the boys would drop a rake or trash can lid, but I think she has gotten used to all the noise and motion from 3 boys and has not fainted in a couple of years, instead learning to walk around posty legged on the rare occassion she is frightened.  I can always rely on her coming up and just resting her head in my lap for some scratches and snuggling in the sun.  She makes an awesome herd queen prefering to nudge us for scratches rather than head butting everyone.

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